3-D Landscape Computer Imaging

Our talented design team understands that it can be challenging for some to envision their landscape from a 2 dimensional drawing.  That's why we have incorporated an added layer of visual concept called 3-D Landscape Computer Imaging.  We can bring your 2 dimensional drawing to life for a more complete understanding of the finished product.   

Snow & Ice Management

During the winter months, our fleet is assembled to not only handle but beat the worst of winter storms.  Contact one of our professionals to ask how we can design a program to dig you out, and keep you and your home safe and accessible no matter what old man winter blows your way.

Horticultural Services

Proscape LLC has a full plant care management division which aides in the care of your property to fulfill its design potential and intent.  Whether your site requires only a spring visit or twice-a-week tending throughout the season, we can accommodate your property maintenance needs.  From nipping and tucking to mowing and mulching, Proscape can professionally tailor a plant care management program just for you.

Lawn Maintenance

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful lawns and a properly manicured property begins with the knowledge and understanding of the landscape.  Proscape LLC will take those few extra minutes to  do the job correctly which results in a more beautiful lawn, with fewer maintenance problems in the future.  Mowing, mulching, and weeding are frequently done but rarely done right.  Often, the difference between a healthy landscape and a poor landscape is in the details.

Landscape Installation and Construction

Allow our craftsman to construct your project to exacting standards and precise measures to stand the test of time.  Working from the design, our experienced artisans build a space that will give enduring beauty over the years with excellence and care.  Designed to enhance and built to last, Proscape LLC uses the best materials and time-proven techniques to give its clients a dream come true.  Again, whether it's a large project of just planting a tree, we put the same care into all of our projects.  Let Proscape help build your dream landscape.


Proscape LLC views landscape design as much more than the simple placement of plants or the organization of space...it is these things to be sure, but oftentimes landscape design is viewed in the larger sense of the term.  A true combination of art and engineering, landscape design is the opportunity to directly influence how a person is affected by the use of space through all five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound.  When effectively designed, spaces can offer many uses and evoke deep feelings of tranquility, serenity, purpose, peace, romance and joy.  By studying the masterworks of designers throughout history, our team is uniquely qualified to design your paradise, be it large or small.  Whether your dream is of a palatial European and traditional design or a cozy, tranquil nook along a meandering stream, our artisans can create that special space and refuge.  Our criteria for what makes a successful project?  A willing client, a challenging site, and a unique and creative design.

Experience the Professional Difference.


Landscaping Services: 

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